Hardwood floors are a beauty to behold. The elegant finish on a natural material creates a beautiful combination that leaves visitors in awe.  In order to retain such beauty, however, you will have to put in a bit of time and effort to make sure they stay clean and dirt-free.

One question that many homeowners ask is, “How should I clean my hardwood floors?”  There are a few answers to that question, but it boils down to being cautious,  immediately addressing spills and possible damage, and dusting regularly.

Hardwood floors are quite delicate compared to other types of material however, so certain care must be taken.  Below are some tips that can help you clean your hardwood floors properly…

  • Regularly sweep your floor to avoid the accumulation of dust and dirt. Use only a soft and fine bristled broom to prevent scratches.  In addition, use brooms that already have fraying ends because they can properly clean even the smallest dirt particles and can also aid in polishing the floor.
  • Vacuum your hardwood floors to further remove dirt, dust, and sand. Vacuum once or twice a week if you can and make sure that your vacuum does not have any beater brushes attached to it, as they can scratch your floor.
  • When mopping your floor, use a slightly damp mop. Get rid of excess water before mopping the floor because it can easily seep through the surface and damage the flooring.
  • Never attempt to use straight ammonia or any ammonia-based products on your floor because they can be very damaging.  If you must use a solution, use vinegar instead. Mix a solution of a half cup of vinegar with one gallon of warm water.
  • When cleaning sticky spots, use barely damp towels or rags. When cleaning gum that is stuck to the floor, remove as much of the gum as possible with your finger and then place a bag of ice on top of it to freeze it. Once the gum is frozen, remove it with something thin and flexible. Do not try to remove the gum with sharp items like a knife.
  • Before using any cleaning or waxing material, double check to be sure that they are appropriate for the type of wood you have. This will prevent unnecessary damage to your floors.

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