While Reclaimed Wood may not be the least expensive choice as opposed to many new hardwood floor options – you might find yourself saying “they just don’t make flooring like they used to” after you select reclaimed wood for your home. Reclaimed wood is durable, environmentally friendly and adds a fantastic degree of character to any home that new floors just cannot quite create.

What is a reclaimed wood and why is it the best choice?

Reclaimed wood is recycled wood from abandoned or damaged structures, such as warehouses, boats, gymnasiums, or barns. Although the structures they come from may be damaged, the wood itself is  perfectly functional.

Using reclaimed wood can offer long lasting functionality, unlimited resources, wider options, and an eco-friendly advantage. Although some of these benefits are also evident in other types of materials, the greatest edge of reclaimed wood is its benefit to the environment.

If you are the kind of person who values living a greener lifestyle, then reclaimed wood is the best choice for you. Why not use something that is recycled instead of using another material that is made from scratch and requires additional resources?  Reclaimed wood does not require cutting more trees in the forest. In fact, many trees can be saved if reclaimed wood is used instead of composite because there is no additional required processing, energy use, or waste for reclaimed wood.  Furthermore, by using reclaimed wood, you are recycling materials that would be trashed otherwise. Just think of the amounts of waste and clutter that do not appear in rivers and streams as a result of using reclaimed wood!

Another benefit of reclaimed wood is the overall value it offers you. It is also long-lasting and has been shown to actually be more sturdy  than virgin wood, which means it does not have to be replaced as frequently.

When you take a look at the facts, it becomes clear that reclaimed wood has serious advantages to other options.  It is eco-friendly, full of character, does not require frequent replacement, and is extremely durable.

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