Wooden decks are great for outdoor living.  They are perfect for barbecues, parties, afternoon tea or simply sitting outside and reading a book.  Plus, the natural beauty of the wood creates a perfect complement to your plants and outdoor decor.

In order to maintain its natural beauty and function, your wood deck needs the right kind of care.  Below are some useful tips to help you take proper care of your deck:

  • Identify the factors that can cause damage to your deck. Is frequent rain causing your wooden deck to deteriorate quickly?  Is it affected by too much heat from the sun?  Is the accumulation of dirt quicker than you think it should be?  How about mildew?  Identifying these factors will enable you to equip your deck with the proper protection, such as water-resistant varnishes or sealers.
  • Wash off dirt and mildew using a specialized deck cleaner. There are special cleaners that are designed for wooden decks, so always read the labels before use to avoid further damage to your wood. Clean your deck once or twice per year, depending on the instructions of the product.
  • Clean your deck thoroughly first before applying wood sealers.  Be sure to also get the railings and cracks in your deck. Use a leaf blower and garden hose to thoroughly clean.
  • Before applying sealers, cover all of your outdoor decor and non-decking materials, as they can be prone to damage if they come into contact with the chemicals.
  • Watch out for loose nails and cracks in your wooden deck. Remove any loose nails or debris as soon as possible and have your cracks sealed immediately to prevent them from getting worst.
  • When coating your wooden deck, play close attention to how much stain you use. Read all labels prior to application and  make sure that you are working under the right weather conditions (i.e. no rain, less harsh sunlight, etc.).  Also check to be sure your wood deck is free from oil and grease from your grill. Remove them before applying your coating.

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