Reclaimed wood is considered a very well-rounded material, given its long lasting functionality and unique beauty. Using reclaimed wood in your home or office provides you with a more distinctive wood color and finish than what you can find in newer pieces because they are characteristics that require time to develop.  In addition, recycled wood is more durable than new wood, which means it will likely serve you for many years to come.

Another great benefit of reclaimed wood is that it provides you with an eco-friendly material option for decorating and construction.  Recycled wood comes from old barns, boats, and buildings, so their use does not require the further cutting of trees.  Reclaimed wood also reduces the amount of natural waste that can end up clogging rivers and ponds.

There are several uses for reclaimed wood at home. The rustic look of these materials adds instant depth and interest to the overall interior design of your home.  The look of reclaimed wood is timeless, and one of the most popular ways to use it is in flooring.  Reclaimed wood flooring offers a wider selection of textures and tones and can easily conform to any kind of design theme.  It is also easy to clean, resilient enough to withstand heavy foot traffic, and forgiving of minor nicks and scratches due to its natural imperfections.

Another popular use of reclaimed wood is floor paneling. Not only are reclaimed wood panels long lasting and elegant, but they are also excellent for absorbing sound, thus making them ideal for apartment living or homes with thin walls.

Outdoor decking is another popular use for reclaimed wood because it is tough enough to withstand the outdoor elements.  It will also give the exterior of your home an instant facelift due to the rich hues and character of the wood.

Wood shelving is another good use for reclaimed wood and you can either buy them ready-made or custom make your own. Reclaimed wood shelving offers reliable, sturdy storage and serves as the perfect accent for showing off your items without overshadowing them.

For dining and entertaining, there are a couple of great uses for reclaimed wood.  In your kitchen, install a butcher’s block made of reclaimed wood for a safe and sturdy cutting and prep area.  When it’s time to serve your culinary creations, entertain your guests at a reclaimed wood dining table.  Depending on the wood tone and style you choose, you can achieve a very modern look or more of a woodsy, country look.  Add reclaimed wood chairs or benches of the same color, and you will have a unique, one-of-a-kind dining set.

There are an endless number of uses for reclaimed wood, ranging from furniture and shelving to serving trays, utensils, and lighting fixtures.  All it takes is the proper maintenance to ensure long lasting beauty and function.

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