If you need wood for your home construction or renovation, the best option is reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood, also known as recycled wood, consists of old and used wood often found in old and damaged buildings or structures, whose individual pieces are still in good enough shape to use for new projects. These used timbers are durable enough to withstand even the outside elements and can last much longer than new wood.

Finding reclaimed wood for your house is fairly easy.  There are many sources for obtaining reclaimed wood now that can be trusted to be legal and safe given the certifications of the dealers. You can either go to these sellers directly or find your reclaimed woods yourself, but just be certain you maintain safety and legality if you choose the latter.

Below are some sources for finding reclaimed wood for your home:

  • Go to known wood companies. There are wood companies that offer reclaimed wood in addition to the new timbers they manufacture. Run an online search for wood companies in your area and begin calling around.
  • Inquire at your local carpentry shops or retail outlets that produce and/or sell woodwork. They may have excess reclaimed wood on hand that they will sell to you, and since this type of wood would already be a surplus item for them, you can negotiate a good price.
  • Find reclaimed wood vendors. There are businesses that specialize in offering reclaimed wood from old structures. This will open up a great selection of recycled wood in various tones and finishes.  Just be sure to verify that the wood is indeed reclaimed as they say.
  • Be on the lookout for homes that will soon be demolished. There is often room for price negotiation because selling the wood to you is a much better option for them than letting it go to waste.  For families who may be losing their home, buying their wood will also help them financially as they start anew.
  • Visit old barns and shipyards. There is a plethora of wood in these damaged structures that is still useful for new construction. Ask permission from the owners or people in charge before gathering wood from their property.

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