For years, people have loved incorporating rustic and antique elements into their homes because they add warmth, comfort, and an elegance that cannot be imitated by new things.  When people think of rustic and antique design elements, they usually think of decorative items and furniture, but by extending that to wood floors and ceilings as well, you can take the rustic look to a whole new level.

When looking for the perfect material to use in your home renovation, consider reclaimed wood. As the name implies, reclaimed wood comes from old barns, damaged buildings, and old boats that may not function anymore, but contain wood that is still viable for other uses. The wood can be recycled and used in new building projects to provide an environmentally friendly material option that is also more durable than new wood.

If you think about it, reusing reclaimed wood can do a lot to prevent buildup in rivers and landfills. It also reduces the demand for newer trees, which is important not only from an environmental perspective, but also from a legal one because many manufacturers cut down younger trees illegally to keep up with the demand of consumers.

Reclaimed wood is also very cost-effective.  There are stores that sell reclaimed wood if you want to compare a larger variety of colors and grains.  However, if you want to find the wood yourself, you can often negotiate a very good price with the people who own the structures, and sometimes they’ll even give it to you for free.  If you are sourcing your own wood, it is important to remember to always ask permission before taking any wood, even if a structure appears to be completely abandoned.

Aesthetically, the imperfections of reclaimed wood offer a distinctive, one-of-a-kind appeal.  When working with reclaimed wood manufacturers, you can choose from a wide array of color and grain variations. For flooring, for example, Antique Oak, Douglas Fir, Tank Redwood, and Hickory are popular options. For wood beams on your ceiling, you may decide to go with a Wormy Chestnut, Heart Pine, or Pecky Cypress.  Consult with your wood manufacturer  to find out which type of species is ideal for your current project. You can also ask them how to maintain the wood after the project is complete because different types of wood require different types of care.

After you choose the type of wood you want, then you can begin exploring colors and textures.  Reclaimed wood offers bold colors and rich textures that can last a long time, even outside.   You can even throw in an additional splash of character by inserting a wide plank of wood in  the middle of your wood floor or alternating the widths of the pieces you’re using.

If you’re looking for something unique, reclaimed wood is a great option because it offers rare finishes that can usually only be achieved through aging.  The beauty of reclaimed wood lies in its weathered appearance and the imperfections like saw marks and nail holes that add personality to your home.

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