Reclaimed wood adds an exceptional, unique beauty to any home. The small cracks, nail holes, and splits, not to mention the distinctive wood tones and textures, can only be achieved with time, leaving you with something that adds character to your home.

To preserve the elegance of a reclaimed wood table, proper care and maintenance are important. The right kind of cleaning techniques and the appropriate tools should be used to ensure that you clean the surfaces properly without damaging the wood.
Here are some tips:

  • Invest in the right wood cleaner. When looking for a wood cleaner, be sure you choose something that is appropriate for reclaimed wood. Ideally, it should consist of natural ingredients and be free of any harmful chemicals.  Try to find something as eco-friendly as possible, safe for use, and specifically designed for reclaimed wood.
  • Remove food particles and liquid spills from your table immediately.  It’s inevitable that they will appear from time to time, but it’s important to properly clean the area quickly and thoroughly to avoid staining, drying, and cracking.
  • Remove water marks using non-gel toothpaste. Gently rub the toothpaste onto the table using a soft cloth and then wipe it dry. These marks are usually caused by glasses being placed directly onto the wood, so use coasters and placemats to avoid the problem.
  • Avoid placing your wooden table in the way of direct sunlight. If you use a reclaimed wood table outside, make sure you have a large umbrella or make-shift cover to protect it during hot days.
  • Do not place hot plates or pans directly onto the wood, as they can create marks on your table. Use hot pads or trivets to provide a protective barrier.
  • Remove food crumbs that fall into the cracks of your table with a soft, small paintbrush or toothbrush.
  • Before applying any wood cleaner, make sure that your table is free of residue.
  • Choose to properly finish your reclaimed wood table before using it will do a lot to help protect it from possible spills and stains.

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