Exterior siding from an old or damaged house can still be very useful, even if the building itself is structurally unsound.  When you use reclaimed wood, aside from having a remarkably unique and beautiful material with which to work, you will also be using an eco-friendly option because you will be recycling materials instead of buying new ones.  In addition, reclaimed wood is more durable than new wood because it has already been strengthened through weathering, and it is most cost-efficient.

If you plan to use reclaimed wood siding in a home renovation project, here are a few creative ideas on how you can incorporate them:

  • A sliding carriage door – Do you like the country feel of dark wooden doors and windows and earth-toned accents?  If so, then you’ll love creating a huge wooden sliding door to divide rooms.  Reclaimed wood siding is particularly great for indoor sliding doors that separate the living room and dining room.
  • Wooden furniture – Use old siding to create unique furniture like lawn chairs, armoires, and picnic tables. Because repurposed wood is so sturdy, you can be assured that your picnic table and lawn chairs will last for many barbecue parties to come. Armoires and chests of drawers made of reclaimed wood add a comforting feel to a room with their rich textures and unique tones.
  • Bookcases and shelves – Design reliable, attractive storage and display units for all of your books and DVD collections. You can even add glass to the front for protection and an added touch of class.
  • Frames – Whether for a picture frame or a frame for your mirror, reclaimed wood can make an eye-catching statement. Choose old wood with a rough grain for a more rustic or country effect, or use a smoother texture for more universal appeal.
  • Tabletops and countertops – Wooden countertops are a classic touch in a more rustic or rural kitchen if well-maintained. If you don’t want your countertops to be all wood, you can use reclaimed wood siding to create a butcher block or even a small wooden table for your breakfast nook.
  • Decorative flower beds – Create rectangular boxes for your flowers and place them on your window or in a small garden. Reclaimed wood siding is perfect for these types of projects because it is strong enough to hold the heavy weight of the soil and is already proven to withstand the outdoor elements.

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