Outdoor decks offer a great place to have outdoor parties and barbecues during the summer evenings. However, they may not always be in good shape after a long and cold winter season. In order to make the most of your outdoor deck and enjoy it for many years to come, taking proper care of it is important.

Preparing and caring for your outdoor deck this summer will not only give you a beautiful wooden deck to host house parties and pass the time, but it will also extend its life and reduce the prevent potentially dangerous situations such cracks and protruding nails. Checking and repairing your outdoor deck will ensure that you and your guests can safely enjoy memorable outdoor parties all throughout the summer.

Before planning your next barbecue party, you need first to make sure that your deck is ready. Give your deck an inspection and check for the following:

  • Protruding objects
  • Loose railings
  • Slippery surfaces
  • Water damage
  • Cracks
  • Rotting panels

If you find any items that need attention, you will need to prepare your deck for repairs, cleaning, and staining if necessary. First, remove all items from your deck, including furniture, heat lamps, plant, etc. You want to be sure you have access to every corner, especially if you’re staining.

Next, repair any damage that exists, such as replacing rotting wood panels or re-connecting boards with nails. If you will be staining your deck, do not do so until all repairs have been made. Avoid painting your wooden deck, as paint can easily peel off and crack when exposed to the elements, which makes your deck less attractive and increases your maintenance responsibilities. Staining offers a more subtle, natural tint and helps to protect your wooden deck from the outside elements.

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