Hardwood floors are a beautiful addition to your home when maintained properly. However, when scratches and stains begin appearing, it reduces their elegance. Sometimes, you even need to replace the damaged boards as a result, which creates an additional cost to you.

A couple of the main culprits for damage to wood floors are the scratching and “accidents” from our pets. Since they have sharp claws, dogs and cats tend to scratch the floor when they walk around, and if they are puppies or kitties that have not yet been trained properly they may even scratch at the wood intentionally or not wait until they go outside to urinate.

To prevent future scratches and stains on your precious floors, here are some tips:

  • Always trim your pet’s nails. This will prevent permanent marks on your floors even if they do scratch.  If their nails are rough after you cut them, file them to smooth them.
  • Place a soft, wide rug where your pet normally sleeps. Pets have the tendency to scratch their nails on the floor when they stretch after sleeping for a long time or when they prepare their bed to go to sleep.  Place some rugs and mats at doorways, near the sofa, and in other high-traffic places as well.
  • House-train your pets. Train them not to do their business inside the house. Establish a schedule for taking them outside, so they become used to a routine and learn to wait.
  • Place claw caps on their feet. These caps are glued onto their feet to guard their sharp claws from the floor. You can place claw caps on both dogs and cats.
  • In case of urine spills on your floor, clean the spill immediately to prevent it from creating a stain. Wipe with a clean, dry cloth until all the moisture is gone.
  • Consider using distressed hardwood. The natural dents and marks on the wood will allow scratches and stains to easily blend in should they appear.
  • Wax your floors to help buffer out deeper scratches. A simple reapplication of the wax will help fill the scratches created by your pet.
  • Don’t let your dog gets too excited when they are inside your house. Most dogs have the habit to unintentionally scratch the floor when they become too excited and some even urinate. If you have a surprise, show it to them outside.


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