Refurbishing your wood furniture helps to keep it looking brand new and elegant. If you choose to do the job yourself, it is important to understand what’s involved and what you need to avoid to achieve excellent results. Otherwise, you will end up with inconsistent color and a less attractive final product sitting on your living room or kitchen.

To help you refurbish your wood furniture beautifully, here are some common mistakes to avoid:

  • Skipping safety precautions – One of the most important things to consider when it comes to refurbishing your wood furniture is safety. Many homeowners are too lax and forget to take the proper safety precautions when doing the job, which results in accidents and injuries such as cuts, burns, and respiratory problems. Proper safety accessories and equipment must always be worn and precautions should always be implemented.
  • Ignoring instructions – It is very important to follow instructions because the steps are arranged the way they are for a reason. Oftentimes, manufacturer’s instructions for different wood waxes and varnishes vary, so you must read the instructions.  If  you don’t, you will likely end up with a finish that is different than what you were wanting.
  • Not taking the proper time to prepare and wait – It’s easy to become so excited about refurbishing a piece of furniture that you want to get started right away, even if you haven’t properly prepared.  Refinishing wood furniture requires certain preparations before applying varnishing or wax. The piece must be completely stripped of old paint, properly sanded to smooth the rough areas, and thoroughly cleaned.  If you skip any of these steps, varnishes and stains won’t adhere properly, and you could easily end up with a mess.
  • Not making repairs – Wood furniture needs to constantly be checked for repairs. Cracks and chipped wood should be addressed as soon as possible, so no one hurts themselves when using the furniture. This is important after you have refinished the furniture, but also before.  Many homeowners immediately proceed to waxing or varnishing without checking for repairs first.  They end up refurbishing damaged wood.
  • Applying without waiting – Applying coats of wax or varnish needs to be done at the right time. After you apply the first coat, you must wait for a period of time before applying the next coat. It is important to know the waiting time between coats, so you achieve consistency and avoid color or texture variations.

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