Wood floors have seen a return to popularity for many years now. The smooth, natural look of hardwood floors and their ability to conform to any interior design style make them an elegant addition to any home, particularly in dining rooms and living rooms.

And, what better way to enhance the beauty they add to your home than to customize them? Many people like to add a personal touch to their home to make it feel like theirs, and having customized wood floors takes that to a whole new level.  Customizing hardwood floors is easier now than it used to be because so many wood manufacturers offer a wide array of wood varieties.

A great way to achieve a more personalized look is to use reclaimed wood flooring. Reclaimed wood comes from old barns, boats, and other structures and is durable enough to be repurposed in houses and buildings. Reclaimed wood carries history, beauty, and personality that cannot be found in newer woods, and it is evidenced in the nail marks and dents found throughout the boards. These marks create a unique pattern that is not easily achieved by young wood, so if you choose to use reclaimed wood, you will have a floor that bears no similarity to the laminate wood flooring found in many houses these days.

In order for you to customize your reclaimed wood flooring, the first thing you need to do is decide which type of wood species you want to use. Since reclaimed wood is obtained from old barns and structures that have stood the test of time, you can be assured that its unique and durable appearance will last for a long time.

Next, determine which treatment and finish will give you the personalized look you want for  your home. This is where you decide which color and tone of wood you prefer.

Then, you will want to think about what pattern of wood grain you would like.  Reclaimed wood pieces already have pretty distinctive patterns of their own, but if you are looking for something in particular, you can usually find a design that suits your liking.  Search until you find what you are looking for because that is what will make your floors so uniquely you.

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