A log cabin is a warm and comforting vacation house for any family. However, because of varying weather conditions and the permeable nature of wood, log cabins are prone to deterioration and the need for frequent repairs.  In order for your log cabin to last for generations and be a worthy investment, you must properly maintain both the exterior and interior.

Below are some useful tips on how you can properly maintain your log cabin:

  • Use durable wood materials such as reclaimed wood. Not only does reclaimed wood offer an eco-friendly option for building your log cabin, but it is also durable enough to withstand years and years of wear and tear.  Reclaimed wood often comes from old woods, which have already matured properly and are, therefore, a lot stronger than newer woods. In addition, the unique aesthetic of reclaimed wood adds something special to your cabin’s interior.
  • Keep trees and plants at least two feet away from your log cabin. For trees that tower over the cabin, make sure that the branches are trimmed, so dead leaves cannot fall and accumulate on your roof.  Dead leaves and branches easily rot and could therefore cause your cabin to rot as well.
  • To keep the interior of your log cabin looking new and beautiful at all times, make it a habit to clean the floors and walls regularly. If you allow dirt and moisture to accumulate, they will cause the wood to deteriorate faster.  If you will be away for several months, arrange to have someone check and clean it once in a while.
  • Avoid spraying your log cabin exterior with water, whether it be while watering your garden or cleaning.  If you experience leaks, address them immediately.  Water is not compatible with wood, and if too much moisture collects inside your wood, it will rot quickly. Though you cannot avoid rain and snow, you can prevent additional contact.
  • Apply stain or refinish your cabin whenever needed. Staining and finishing your wood protects it, so refreshing it from time to time will keep everything strong and resistant.
  • Treat it as your permanent home. If you want it to last as long as your primary home, it deserves to receive the best care possible.

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