Building a house is much easier when you have wide access to different kinds of building resources. If you choose to go green when you build your house, using reclaimed wood is a great way to have access to a large range of unique colors and wood grain patterns. Plus, with its eco-friendly features, you can be assured that your property will be Mother Nature approved.

Reclaimed wood is salvaged wood that comes from old barns, boats, and other damaged structures. Since reclaimed wood is recycled wood – which does have previous metal pieces in it that need to be removed – the cost of the wood is a little higher than new lumber – but the additional benefits you reap with reclaimed wood far outweigh the price difference.

Reclaimed wood can be used when building and therefore it also reduces the need to cut down young trees and  contribute to logging because there is less of a demand for it.   In addition, reclaimed wood is salvaged wood, so you help to reduce the filling of landfills and clogging of rivers that would occur if the wood was simply discarded.  Clogging rivers can contribute to flooding because there is less space for the water to drain properly during heavy rains.  So, by using reclaimed wood, you are helping the environment from both the conservation side and the waste reduction side.

Superior Hardwood offers high quality and durable reclaimed wood for your building and decorating needs. You can be assured that 100% of the reclaimed wood that it offers meets high standards and offers a wider variety of wood species, types of finishes, and wood grain designs.  Nail holes, grain variations, and other character marks will always be present to add more character and history to your wood flooring.  Custom milling is also available to give you more options for how your reclaimed wood will look when completed.

If you want more information on reclaimed wood, Superior Hardwood can answer your questions and provide you with knowledgeable expertise.  Not only will you be helping the environment, but with Superior Hardwood’s reclaimed flooring options, you will have something that is uniquely you.

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