Outdoor decks are a great addition to any house. Family gatherings somehow become more intimate and memorable when you combine them with outdoor living. You can also the nice weather while it lasts and then bring the party indoors at any time you’d like.  In addition, wooden decks add beauty to your home. With the right style, proper maintenance, and a few natural finishing touches, your wooden deck can offer that beauty for years.

There are several different factors that can damage your deck. Water is a main culprit that can quickly and easily cause your wooden boards to rot, mold, and even distort.  Animal scratches and bites can also cause damage to the wood on your deck, so be observant. And finally, extreme weather conditions like too much sun or too much moisture can also contribute to gradual damage.

One of the ways you can help prevent too much damage from occurring is to check for damaged boards so you can repair them early on before they worsen.  Here are some tips:

  • Check the surface of your wooden deck for cracks, rotting, animal damage, cobwebs, and  other signs of distress. In cases of animal or insect damage, call pest control immediately or use natural methods that are proven to work just as well.  You want to stop that activity as quickly as possible.
  • Identify each damaged board that needs replacement, and measure each board accurately, so you are sure you purchase enough materials.
  • Purchase a good quality replacement for your damaged board that matches the others.  An excellent kind of wood to use is reclaimed wood. Aside from its eco-friendly benefits, it is long-lasting, strong and has a unique appearance.  Reclaimed wood has already been weathered, so it is more likely to match the other wood on your deck that has been exposed to the elements.
  • Before you begin the repairs, clean your deck to remove all debris and any obstacles that may be in the way.
  • Attach the new board and apply water proofer to help protect it.  Seal Once is an effective water proofer that can help protect your wood from water damage. Seal Once adds an extra protective layer on your wooden boards to prevent water to seep through them and causing damage.
  • After successfully replacing your new wooden board, make sure to clean your deck regularly to avoid buildup of dirt and leaves that could lead to mold. Keep in mind that large damage starts small, so if you can address problems early on, you will save yourself a lot of headaches later.

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