Kitchen countertops often set the mood and overall feel in your kitchen. So if you are renovating your kitchen, you should choose materials and a design that reflect the theme you are seeking to create and that will blend well with the rest of your house.  The same is true with bar countertops. Whether your bar is located within the kitchen, the dining room, or the living room, countertops will serve as a nuance that either contributes to or detracts from the other design elements in the room.

Reclaimed lumber is an excellent option for countertop material. These recycled woods offers a distinctive beauty that will set your bar and kitchen countertop apart, helping them to be not only functional, but also a statement that will draw attention from your guests.

One of the allures of wooden countertops is the natural element they add to a room. They create a warm feeling, that makes working in the kitchen or bar a more relaxed, enjoyable experience.  Plus, wooden countertops are very flexible from a design perspective because they go well with almost any design ranging from traditional to modern alike.

Aside from its exceptional beauty, reclaimed lumber is also environmentally friendly.  You can enjoy lovely countertops in your home with the peace of mind knowing that they are recycled and therefore don’t contribute to deforestation. They also help to reduce the clutter of used wood in rivers and landfills. In your own small way, you are able to help the environment by using reclaimed wood at home.

If you are looking for high-quality reclaimed wood, Superior Hardwood offers top rate recycled lumber for your home. Superior Hardwood offers a variety of beautiful options that are well-suited for  kitchen and bar countertops. Each piece of wood is one-of-a-kind with unique characteristics that creates a stunning complexity to your countertops. Superior Hardwood also offers a variety of wood sealants, like Seal Once, to protect your countertops from moisture and make them easy to clean.

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