Hardwood flooring is a popular feature in many houses due to its elegant and sophisticated beauty.  Today, there are many different kinds of wood species and colors to choose from when installing new floors, which allow you find to the perfect fit for your tastes.

With the variety of choices available, what do you need to look for when it comes to shopping for the right hardwood flooring?

  • Durability – Make sure that your wood is strong enough to last for many years. All wood is strong to a certain degree, but wood from younger trees doesn’t always promise the same long-lasting durability a older woods. In fact, if not carefully maintained, younger wood can be easily damaged and require more frequent replacement.  Choose materials from older woods so you can be assured of their strength and long term functionality. Reclaimed woods is a great option.
  • Safety for the family and the environment – Safety should always be a factor when it comes to buying decisions. Is the material you’re considering safe for you and your family?  Is this also safe for the environment?
  • Low maintenance – You don’t want to spend all of your time cleaning and maintaining your hardwood floors. In fact, you should be able to sit back and relax and admire their beauty. Different species of wood require different levels of maintenance, so choose one that is easier to care for.
  • Continuity – Will the wood design you’re considering match the overall interior look of the room?  Wood is an incredibly flexible material when it comes to design because it goes with traditional and modern alike.  Carefully consider the other design and color elements of your home and choose a wood that will complement that well.

If you are looking for the right hardwood flooring for your home, Superior Hardwood can offer you a great selection of high-quality of wood options. Superior Hardwood also offers reclaimed wood, or recycled wood, that is not only unique in appearance, but also incredibly durable and eco-friendly.
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