Decks are a very popular feature in homes because they provide the perfect place to enjoy nature and outdoor dining in a comfortable and clean way. Decks are great places to host outdoor parties with family and friends, star gazing at night, or simply relaxing after a day’s work.

When it comes to adding a deck to your house, most people consider functionality, style, and safety, but another thing to also consider is how eco-friendly it is.

There are several ways you can make your deck eco-friendly. Care and maintenance is a great place to start. For instance, are you using eco-friendly cleaners on your deck? Are you using too much water to clean your deck?  While it is important to clean and maintain your deck regularly in order to ensure it lasts a long time, there are ways to modify your procedures so they are more environmentally-friendly. Superior Hardwood offers Seal Once Deck cleaner (all wood cleaner) to clean your deck so you don’t have to worry about what you are using to clean your deck.

If you have not yet built your deck, another thing to consider are the materials you use. There are many decking materials out there, but for wooden decks, what could be more eco-friendly than using reclaimed wood? Reclaimed wood, also known as recycled wood, is basically reused wood obtained from old structures like buildings, boats, and barns. This kind of wood helps preserve nature because it reduces the demand for deforestation, which cuts down newer trees in the forest. Furthermore, reclaimed wood helps prevent the buildup of used wood in rivers and landfills because you are reusing it instead of discarding it.

As for the character marks on the wood, each mark creates a rich history that adds to the overall elegance of your deck. You can consider these marks as added customized design that can never be replicated by new woods.  Reclaimed wood is a beautiful option for decking, and even the wood floors in your home. It’s visual uniqueness will make your deck stunning and one-of-a-kind.  And, in addition, it is also incredibly durable because the wood has already hardened against the test of time.

If you are looking for superior quality decking materials, Superior Hardwood can give you exactly what you need. Superior Hardwood offers two brands of reclaimed wood decking – Tigerwood Decking and IPE (Diamond Decking).  Tigerwood is made from Astronium spp—an exotic hardwood known for its natural durability, long lifespan and resistance to decay. For more information on either of these decking brands, feel free to contact us!

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