Adding wooden materials to your home creates sophistication and beauty that is beyond compare. The natural appearance offers warmth to a space, and the lovely facade presents an elegance often associated with  luxurious homes.

However, some homeowners believe that wood materials require extensive upkeep and constant maintenance. They believed that in order to enjoy the beauty of hardwood materials, they need to spend a lot of time and money to maintain them.  False! Having hardwood materials at home need not require more extensive maintenance than other materials. In fact, hardwood lumber often requires less maintenance.

While you enjoy the beauty of your hardwood flooring, you can keep it in great shape by applying a floor finish such as Bona-Kemi (offered by Superior Hardwoods & Millwork). You can also recoat your floor when it loses its shine to make it look like new again without replacing the wood itself.  This easy maintenance will give you the full benefit of having beautiful hardwood floors without robbing you of your time and effort with constant cleaning and repair.

Wooden decks are also a beautiful addition to any home and can also be particularly great if you enjoy outdoor parties and lounging. Wooden decks may look like they need a lot of maintaining after being exposed to sun and rain, but with proper staining and sealing, your wooden deck can provide you with sturdy durability while you enjoy having summer barbeques and gatherings around your fire pit. One particular great sealant we recommend is Seal Once which will help to protect your deck from water and moisture damage (as well as sun exposure). Seal once is offered by Superior Hardwoods & Millwork of Montana.

If you are looking for high-quality hardwood lumber to use for your flooring or deck, Superior Hardwood has a variety of options to choose from, including reclaimed wood, which is not only guaranteed strong and long-lasting, but is also eco-friendly.

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