A beautiful hardwood floor adds sophistication and value to any room. The warmth appeal of natural wood makes your house more comfortable as well as elegant simultaneously. It is a worthy investment for any home – yet like any other investment it needs to be maintained and preserved.

High traffic and wear on your floor can reduce its luster, making it look dull and scratched. When this occurs proper maintenance must be taken to ensure that the floor finish is never worn down to expose the bare wood. Once bare wood is exposed, repairs and maintenance become much more costly and time-consuming and may even require replacement of your wood floor.

To make sure that your hardwood floor is well protected and able to maintain its shine, recoating it regularly will retain its luster and beauty and prevent permanent damages caused by are wood. Recoating your hardwood also remove contaminants that may accumulate on your floor and will return the look of your wood to “new”. Proper maintenance will not only keep your floor looking brand new at all times, but it will also be well-protected from future accumulation of dirt and dust as well as extending its life.

The process of recoating of your hardwood floor is also easy to do considering the new technologies now available in the market that make it more convenient to do it yourself. First, make sure contaminants on the floor such as dirt and dust are removed and the floor is thoroughly cleaned. Then, the floor will be rinsed with a special rinse made specifically for hardwood flooring to deeply clean and rinse the floor.

After rinsing, recoating of the wood is then prepared and applied to the floor. Upon application of the new coat, scratches found on the surface of the wood are also filled to create an even look to the floor.

Superior Hardwood carries the Bona Recoat System which is perfect for easily recoating your hardwood floors.  Superior Hardwood also offers prefinished hardwood flooring that is already coated stained in a factory setting, making it easier for you to install the wood floors in your home and delay your first refinishing until a later date!

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