Decks are beautiful to look at during their first few months. But, considering the usage they endure over the years, and you will certainly expect to see signs of wear and tear, as well as damage caused by the external factors like too much exposure to sunlight, water, and wildlife. Regular maintenance and cleaning will temporarily manage the look of your decking, but it’s not enough to keep them consistently well-protected.

What you need is a good waterproofer to ensure longer use of your decking in top condition. Waterproofer is a type of deck sealant that adds a coat of protection to your hardwood floors. Applying waterproofers to your wooden deck will make sure that they are free from possible splitting, cracking, and spalling. It will also shield the wood from salt and water intrusion, which cause mold and mildew growth, and too much exposure to the sun, which is the source of UV damage on the floor.

In addition, waterproofers are also easy use and refresh. You can actually clean and treat your deck in one day, rather than having to wait several hours or days for everything to dry between coats.  Plus, after treated, all you have to do is clean your deck with water and soap, which makes clean-up and maintenance more convenient.

If you are looking for an eco-friendly product to use on your hardwood decking, waterproofers are actually environmentally friendly. Most waterproofers, such as Seal Once, are water-based, which means they are not flammable and are safer to use. Seal Once waterproofer is also odorless and will not burn the skin if you come into contact with it, so you can be assured of safe application. Most importantly, it does not contain harmful chemicals that can be detrimental to your health.

Waterproofers also extend the life of your hardwood deck. Since they become well-guarded by the additional layer, damage is minimal, and you are less likely to have to replace or repair your deck regularly. Not only will waterproofers save you money by avoiding the costs of replacement and repair, but they will also save you the time and effort making those repairs.

If you are looking for a reliable and effective waterproofer, Seal Once waterproofer is the perfect sealant for you and can be found at Superior Hardwoods & Millwork of Montana.

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