A lot of interior designers and homeowners choose hardwood for their flooring, given its beauty, elegance, and natural appeal.

Hardwoods these days include a variety of colors to choose from that perfectly suit the kind of tone you want for your floor.  While choosing the ideal color for your wood flooring, keep in mind these tips and consideration:

  • Use light colored wood in smaller rooms. This will give the impression of a wider space.  Dark ones will only make the room feel smaller and gloomier.
  • If space is not an issue, use darker woods to give your room a more natural and warmer appeal.
  • Coordinate the color of your floors with your walls and ceiling. Make sure that the color of your floor blends well with the height of your ceiling and the color of your walls.
  • Avoid matching the color of your floor to your wooden furniture. It can be awkward for your furniture to look like an extension of your floors. Choose complementary colors instead.
  • If dust, high traffic, and dirt are inevitable in a room, consider lighter tones. Darker woods are often easily damaged and scratches are more visible.
  • Test samples first prior to purchasing and installing your wood flooring. Wood tones may look very attractive in stores, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they will look good in your home. So, bring home some samples of the wood tones that you love and try to test them at home.
  • If you are unsure, seek help. You can ask interior designers or even your home remodeling contractor about what color of wood would be best for your flooring. Expert opinions usually give practical ideas.

Superior Hardwood offers a wide selection of wood colors, from lighter tones to darker ones. There is also a wide selection of wood species available for greater options.

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