Outdoor decks are prone to damage caused by water and snow when winter comes. In most parts of the country, where snow is prevalent, outdoor decks may deteriorate. Oftentimes, these wooden decks are severely damaged by the time the winter season is over, and when Spring comes, you no longer have a nice deck from which to enjoy your beautiful yard.

If you have a wooden deck at home, the best thing to do is to make sure that your deck is well prepared before the winter. This will prevent possible damage brought about by heaps of snow, water, and moisture. Water can easily seep through your wood, and if your deck is not protected, it can easily rot. Covering your deck may help, but it may not always be enough to completely protect your deck.

The best way to help protect your wooden deck from the harsh winter is by applying a water proofer. Basically, a water proofer is a coating that seals your wood from water leakage or damage brought about by too much moisture. Water proofer helps make sure that even if snow and water fall on your deck, it is well protected.

What if you don’t waterproof you deck?  If you fail to protect your outdoor deck, the tendency is for your wood to crack. Most parts of your wooden deck can become warped and many of the wood planks will bend and break. If this happens, not only will you be incurring a great loss due to the damages on your deck, but it will also post a safety concern, increasing the risk of potential injuries to your family members.

When waterproofing, make sure to always read the instructions first. Essentially, you need to thoroughly clean your deck prior to application by removing all debris and dirt using a power washer. Then, apply your water proofer.

For a reliable and effective water proofer, try using Seal-Once. This eco-friendly water proofer can help protect your wooden deck from mold and mildew growth, and it is very easy to use. You can find Seal-Once at Superior Hardwoods, which is also a great source for reclaimed lumber and other decking and flooring materials.

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