Wood paneling is one way to transform plain walls into something eye-catching and interesting. Many homeowners install wood panels on their walls instead of drywall because they are easy to install and maintain and can withstand heavy wear and tear.

If you plan to have wood paneling in your home, consider doing it yourself to save on labor costs. DIY wood paneling installation is easy, especially if you know a few tricks.

  • Always measure your wall dimensions twice. It is important to make sure that all of your measurements are correct, so double check your numbers.
  • Prior to installation, prepare your wall. Remove any previous trim and make sure the surface is even. You may also want to remove outlet covers for added safety.
  • Install your wood panels on a flat surface to ensure a faster and more quality output. Just like installing hardwood lumber on the floor, wood panels need an even surface, so each panel looks perfectly aligned and symmetrical.
  • Condition your wood panels for about 48 hours. This will ensure that your wood stays in perfect condition because it will be attuned to the moisture level in its environment. Let it stand along the wall.
  • When installing furring strip, make sure it is even and flat.  Check it twice to be sure.
  • Always leave an expansion gap between the panels. This will give room for expansion or contraction of your hardwood lumber as moisture and pressure levels change.

To achieve an even more unique look, look into using reclaimed lumber. Reclaimed woods offer a one-of-a-kind wood appearance that adds history and beauty to your wood paneling. In addition, you can reduce the need for artificial trimmings on your panels due to their already elegant designs.

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