Tricks for Protecting Your Hardwood Floors This Holiday Season

The holidays are a time of year when we share fun memories with our friends and families and celebrate a time of giving and sharing.  When welcoming special guests to your home, adding a few lovely touches, like a beautiful Christmas tree or colorful ornaments, creates a warm atmosphere where they can feel at home.

Beautiful reclaimed hardwood flooring adds flair to any living room with its unique character and elegant appearance and serves as the perfect backdrop for holiday decorating and entertaining.  However, as much as we love our friends to be around the house and help us celebrate, our wood flooring may be susceptible to spills, heavy traffic, dirt, and scratches. It is therefore important to keep a watchful eye on your floors to be sure they are well-protected during the holidays.

Below are some useful tips:

  • Clean your floors thoroughly so you can encourage guests to leave their shoes at the door. By providing a nice shoe rack on which they can place their shoes, a themed rule for entering your home will likely be followed. If there are no shoes inside, less dirt and dust will be tracked in, and floor scratchers like high heels and melted ice from snow will be eliminated.
  • Add furniture leg pads before the party. Guests will inevitably move furniture around to create small circles of conversation. So, help protect your floor from scratches by adhering pads to the bottom of your furniture legs before guests arrive.
  • Asks your guests to inform you of spills on the floor immediately. This will allow you to clean up the fresh mess before it seeps into the wood.
  • Clean up after the party. You may be tired from partying, but it is good to at least sweep the floor before you go to sleep, so dirt and food crumbs don’t settle into the wood.
  • Add mats and rugs. They help shield your floor from food crumbs, spills, and heavy traffic.
  • Coat your floor with a floor finishing product such as Bona-Kemi to protect your floors

For a reliable hardwood floor finishing products, such as Bona-Kemi for your reclaimed hardwood floors, Superior Hardwoods offers one of the best products on the market called Seal Once. It is a water-based coating for your wood flooring that will protect it from mold, mildew, and water.

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