Extra Care Tips for Your Hardwood Floors This Winter

The cold weather may be a little harsh for us, but for hardwood flooring, it can be even worse. The air inside homes tends to become dryer due to running the heater, and if your floors dry out too much, they can warp, crack, and lose their beauty. In addition, water and dirt, which are some of the worst enemies of wood, can also damage the floor. So, it is important to give them extra care, so they are still as beautiful as ever when Spring comes around.

To protect your hardwood floors from water and dirt damage brought by snow and mud, a proper floor treatment can add the utmost protection even if these elements come into contact with your wood floors. Bona-Kemi, a reliable brand of floor treatment, can provide a longer lasting protection to your hardwood floors than other brands.  A finishing product like Bona-Kemi will help to effectively shield your floors from mud and snow throughout winter.

Also, take the time to regularly clean your hardwood floor. Sweep and vacuum any dirt and dust on your floor, so it does not have the chance to collect.  Accumulated dirt and dust is more difficult to clean and can actually damage the wood if not removed immediately.

You may also want to place area rugs on top of your wooden floor to add more protection from possible spills and dirt. Use area rugs in your living room and dining room plus door mats near your home to remove certain articles of clothing when you come inside from the outdoors, do it in your mudroom.  Snow can still be attached on your outer coat or winter hat.

Your pets also need to be cleaned from snow and dirt prior to coming in. After going outside in the snow, dry them off first and clean remove any dirt or mud before letting them wander inside the house.

Lastly, add a humidifier to prevent cracks from appearing in your wood floors due to drying. The humidifier will keep the air moist, so your hardwood floors stay healthy.

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