Renovation Ideas for Your Home Using Reclaimed Wood

Home renovations can be both fun and challenging. Homeowners love to renovate their houses to make improvements or simply create a fresh, new look.  However, home renovations pose certain challenges when it comes to choosing the design for your interior and which materials to use. There are hundreds of options to choose from, so making a final decision can be complicated.

If you plan to renovate your home, consider using reclaimed lumber. This eco-friendly wood material guarantees a beautiful outcome and also offers a lot of other benefits. Reclaimed wood is much more environmentally friendly than newer types of wood, it also lasts in good condition for a longer time, and requires more minimal maintenance than many other kinds of wood.

Here are some ideas for how you can incorporate reclaimed wood in your home renovations:

  • Home office – Nothing is better on a work day than entering your office and feeling calmer due to the peaceful environment you’ve created. Wood accents in your home office make it feel more homey and closer to nature, thus creating a calming feeling while you work. You can use reclaimed wood for your floor or even your office desk.
  • Stairway – Make your way up to the second floor on beautiful wood stairs. Reclaimed wood stairs are elegant and rustic and serve as a great backdrop for featuring art or photos on the wall.
  • Wood shelves – Use reclaimed wood for your bookshelves to create added allure to the items you display.
  • Butcher’s block – A wooden surface on your kitchen island is great for chopping vegetables or tenderizing meat. A butcher’s block made of reclaimed wood will assure long-lasting durability and create added beauty for your kitchen.

If you are looking for superior quality in reclaimed wood, contact Superior Hardwoods & Millwork of Montana. We offer an extensive collection of reclaimed wood selections, so you have many options to choose from involving different kinds of wood species and wood tones to best fit your tastes.

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