Common Hardwood Floor Installation Mistakes to Avoid

Hardwood floors are a beauty to behold given their natural beauty and elegant surfaces. Having hardwood floors can easily enhance the look of your entire home and create a positive first impression when visitors enter.

If you plan to install hardwood floors at home, it is a good idea to keep in mind common mistakes that homeowners make when installing hardwood floors. Knowing these things will help you prevent them from happening during your installation process.

  • Failing to prepare the subfloor. Subfloors must be prepared first before installing the hardwood floor. Basically, subfloors need to be cleaned, flattened, and dried prior to installation. Otherwise, common problems like a floating floor, a squeaky strip of your floor, and an uneven floor will arise.
  • Not checking for moisture content. Moisture can cause wood to swell or warp and must be avoided when having hardwood floors. If proper moisture content is achieved and the hardwood floors adjust well to the site, the risk of warping or swelling will be minimal. However, failing to check the moisture content of the wood will instantly cause it to swell or warp easily.
  • Installing where humidity is high. Having hardwood floors is indeed beautiful, but that doesn’t mean you can install them anywhere. Places with high levels of humidity can easily damage the hardwood, and it will lose its beauty. Bathrooms and basements are perfect examples of these areas.
  • No expansion gaps. Wood will definitely expand if there is a high level of moisture and contract if the atmosphere is dry. For that reason, be sure you leave room for expansion gaps to accommodate the change – if you don’t, the wood will start looking imperfect and damaged.
  • Failing to follow installation guidelines. Many homeowners choose to do floor installation by themselves to save money. However, one common mistake is not following the proper guidelines for floor installation, which can lead to mistakes and damage.

Hardwood flooring installation is easier and faster if you know how to properly install your hardwood lumber. In addition to avoiding common mistakes in hardwood floor installation, it is best to invest in durable and high-quality lumber to maximize the benefits of having wood flooring. Superior Hardwoods offers excellent quality hardwood lumber that is suitable for home floors. You can be assured of its long lasting functionality, and it comes in a wide variety of wood species and tones to fit any style.

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