Wooden Seating for Your Outdoor Deck

Your outdoor deck doesn’t have to be limited to wood floors and railings. Now, you can enhance the beauty and functionality of your deck with built-in wood seats. This type of seating is not only elegant looking, but it is also comfortable and quite functional during the warm months.

To give you more ideas on how to incorporate wood seats on your outdoor deck, here are some different style options to consider :

  • Curved bench- Install a curved bench around your railing to accommodate more people on your deck. A curved bench can be built directly into the railing for a permanent seating option.
  • Seatwall – If your deck is directly on the ground, you may decide to have a seatwall, which acts as a low bordering wall that doubles as seating. When you install your deck’s flooring you can extend each corner with a seatwall to accommodate more people when you have gatherings.
  • Raised bed – Create a dual function for your outdoor seats by building a wooden raised bed on your deck. Add some cushions on top to make it conducive to an afternoon nap. Then, use it as primary seating when entertaining guests.
  • L-shaped bench – Make use of the corners of your deck with L-shaped benches. You may choose to have it built in on your deck or leave it detached to make it easier for you to move it when needed. If it is facing the corner versus being lined up against it, adding a tree between the bench and the railing creates a nice touch.
  • Fire-pit benches – Install built-in benches around a fire-pit to encourage late night lounging on your deck. The fire-pit enables you to enjoy your outdoor living space even on cool nights.

Using reclaimed wood will enable you to achieve a more unique style for your outdoor deck. Each piece of reclaimed wood provides character that cannot be replicated by young, new wood, and it will last you for years to come, as it has already weathered the test of time.

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