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Protecting Your Wood Flooring When Moving into a New Home

Protecting Your Wood Flooring When Moving into a New Home

Now that you have found a new home with beautiful wood floors, it’s time to think about how you can maintain their beauty. Moving day can be very hectic with lots of boxes being pushed around and people walking everywhere, and if your new floor is not well-protected, it will likely get damaged during the process.

Protecting your new wood flooring can be easy if you have the right tools to use. The important thing is to provide a barrier between your hardwood flooring and external forces like sun, water, boxes, and shoes, so the luster of your floor is maintained. Once floors are damaged, they are expensive to repair.

So, how do you keep your wood flooring protected on moving day?

First, you should apply a good floor finish. A great example is Bona-Kemi (available from Superior Hardwoods), an eco-friendly finish and wood cleaner. Apply a coat of finish on your floor, so it will be protected from any spills and scratches that may occur.

Keep in mind that you need to apply your finish a few days before your big move. This will give you extra time to apply and allow the extra coating to dry. In addition, it will also prevent you from having last-minute stress.

A very important step is curing your floors! The curing process takes approximately 7 days, (70% cured after 1 day, 90% after 3 days). Do not replace area rugs until the floor has fully cured. The floor may be walked on after 24 hours, but remains susceptible to scuffing or marring until completely cured. Furniture may be placed onto floor after 72 hours (90% cured). Do not drag or slide furniture. Use only a dry Bona Microfiber Mop or cloth for cleaning during the first week.

Next, place rugs and runners on your floor. Area rugs and runners act as a barrier between your shoes and floor and help prevent scratches on your floor caused by excessive foot traffic and pushing boxes. Also, put your boxes and other things over a rug or a table and not directly on your floor.

Remove your shoes if possible. Though you may not easily request this from your mover, you can reduce shoe-traffic on your new floor by removing your shoes. After you have set all of your things inside the house, remove your shoes before starting to unpack.

Lastly, clean your floor. After you have finished unpacking for the day, clean your floor to remove dusts. This will reduce accumulation of dust and dirt that may contribute to your floor’s damage in the future.

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Why Use Pine Lumber for Your Home Furniture?

Why Use Pine Lumber for Your Home Furniture

Wood furniture is popular among homeowners, given its elegant and natural look. When incorporating wooden furniture inside a room, it can provide a fresh feel to the atmosphere, making it more comfortable and tranquil.

Today, there are a variety of different kinds of lumber that can be used for furniture. One popular choice is pine lumber. It is a softwood that offers minor irregularities due to its sensitivity to moisture and temperature. These slight defects makes the wood more unique and stylish.

There are different attributes that makes pine lumber a great choice for wood furniture. First is the cost of the lumber. Pine lumber is one of the most practical choices out there, given its cost. Fortunately, however, cost does not compromise the quality of wood because pine lumber is very durable. Though there are stronger woods out there, Pine is considered to be an extremely durable and strong wood, so it is ideal for flooring, decks, and furniture. You can use a pine chair or table for many years without worrying if it will endure wear and tear.

In addition, pine lumber has unique wood grains and tones that make it appealing for nearly any home interior. It often has dark grains and knots than some other woods, which helps to add to the unique appearance of Pine.

So, if you’re looking to add something new to your home or garden this fall, consider pine lumber. Superior Hardwoods offers a nice selection of high-quality, authentic pine lumber that can be used for furniture, decking, wood panels, and flooring.

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How to Buy Exotic Hardwood Lumber

How to Buy Exotic Hardwood Lumber

Exotic hardwood lumber in a beautiful addition to any home. The unique appearance of exotic lumber makes it a favorite. Though exotic hardwoods offer a lot of benefits, they require a greater investment that other types of materials. Exotic hardwood tends to be more expensive than regular wood lumber, so you want to be sure you choose carefully.

To help you buy exotic hardwood lumber, here are few tips you can follow:

  • Buy only from a known source. There are dealers of exotic lumber that may not guarantee the real thing. Oftentimes, these are those that do not have a company to support them and are working on a direct deal. To make sure that what you buy is real exotic wood, trust only reputable companies. You can also search online for wood companies that offer different kinds of exotic lumber.
  • Know what your home needs. If you want to buy exotic hardwood for your floor, evaluate the needs of your floor versus your desired exotic wood. Make sure that the kind of wood you choose is compatible to your flooring needs and environment.
  • Consider your lifestyle and needs. Your exotic hardwood will need proper maintenance and care. If your lifestyle may not fit the needs of your wood, then it will easily get damaged by wear and tear. See to it that what you buy can survive well with only occasional maintenance if you don’t have a lot of time to maintain it.


  • Check different options. You may know about five species of exotic wood and have explored your options within those varieties, but there are probably a lot more species more to choose from. Explore your options, so you can find the best type of exotic wood for your space.
  • Ask an expert. It helps to seek assistance from somebody who knows. That way, you can receive guidance on the right kind of wood to buy, how to properly maintain it, and so on.

If you’re searching for exotic hardwood lumber, look no further than Superior Hardwoods. It offers different kinds of exotic hardwood, ranging from Bloodwood, Cocobolo, Ebony, and Jamaican Hardwoods to Italian Olivewood, Lyptus, and Zebrawood. More than 20 kinds of exotic hardwood species are available to suit your needs.

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Refinish or Replace: What to Do with Your Hardwood Floors

Refinish or Replace What to Do with Your Hardwood FloorsHaving hardwood flooring can make any room look more elegant. It can easily transform a plain and dull space into something more beautiful. However, with time and use, hardwood flooring is inevitably prone to wear and tear. And, damage caused by external factors can diminish the look of your floors.

If you see damage on your hardwood floors, you may find yourself debating between whether to refinish the floor or replace it entirely. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, depending on the gravity of the damage and your needs.

To help you determine if you need to replace your floors or simply refinish them, consider these factors: your budget, the extent of the damage, the time of the project, and your ability to work on the project.

First, consider your budget when deciding between refinishing or replacing your hardwood floors. Is your budget enough to cover the expense of replacing your hardwood floor? Keep in mind that replacing wood flooring can be very expensive due to the amount of materials you have to buy. In addition, the cost of labor for replacing your floor is often twice the cost of refinishing.

Second, think about the extent of the damage. Not all damaged hardwood floors require instant replacement. There are types of damage that can be fixed and refinished to look like new. You can seek help from a specialist in evaluating what your damaged hardwood flooring needs.

Third, the time you need to allocate to your project is also a huge consideration, especially if you have an event in the near future. Replacing your hardwood floors will take some time because you will have to remove furniture from the room, remove the damaged floor, and prepare it before installing a new set of hardwood. Refinishing, on the other hand, may only take a few days.

Lastly, you should also consider your capacity to do the work. A simple refinishing can be done by you as long as you know how to do it. But, if you think you may not be able to do the job, hire a contractor. It may be an added cost, but the outcome will definitely be worth it.

Replacing or refinishing your hardwood floors can be a tough decision, but as long as you deliberate on important factors and try to opt for the most beneficial option, you will be able to find the best way to transform your hardwood flooring.

If you consider replacing your hardwood floors, Superior Hardwoods offers high-quality reclaimed hardwood as well as an ever increasing variety of new flooring. It comes in a variety of wood tones and species to fit your exact needs.

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How to Avoid Pet Scratches on Your Wood Flooring

How to Avoid Pet Scratches on Your Wood Flooring

Your dogs and cats are a part of your family, and of course, you love to have them around.  When you have wood floors too, however, they can sometimes cause problems by scratching the floors or causing stains. In order to continue to maintain the look of your floors without getting irritated with your dogs and cats, it is best to double up on protection on your wood floors.

How do you do that?

First of all, trim down your pet’s nails. That is the main source of scratching, and if you cut their nails, you will significantly reduce the amount of scratching on your floor.

Second, keep your wood floors clean and free of debris. If your wood floors are covered in dirt and dust and your dog happens to walk by, then it will pick up the debris on its paws and unintentionally drag it across your floors, causing them to scratch. Keeping your floors clean will prevent that from happening.s

Third, put a small rug under your pet’s bed and food bowl. The rug will serve as an added source of protection between your pet and your floor, and reduce the chances of damage if water or food  spill.

Fourth, re-coat your wood floors every few years. Re-coating your floors will increase protection against scratches and spills, which will, in turn, lengthen their life.

Some Reclaimed wood can look new but may have a nail hole every once in a while. So this wouldn’t help in scratching. Textured floors like a circular sawn floor will hide scratches well. The more dings you put in it actually add a little character to it.

If you are looking for reclaimed wood, Superior Hardwoods offers a wide variety of quality materials with a broad range of wood species, patterns, and color tones.

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Understanding Different Hardwood Floor Problems

Understanding Different Hardwood Floor Problems

As much as we love our hardwood floors, there inevitably develop changes and flaws over time. Sometimes we see some changes in the wood color. Other times, scratches and dents emerge.

Hardwood floor problems are common, but most of them can be prevented with proper maintenance and installation. If you install your wood flooring properly and prepare thoroughly prior to installation, these issues will be minimal.

To help you avoid certain wood flooring problems, here are a few common issues to consider:

Cupping and Crowning
These are common problems with hardwood floors that basically distort the shape of the wood. Cupping is when the center of the wood sinks down, while the edges go up, producing a cup-like appearance. Crowning, on the other hand, creates a protrusion at the center of the wood, while the edges lower, thus creating  a crown-like appearance.

The cause of both cupping and crowning is due to moisture imbalance in the wood floor. Too much moisture leads to a protrusion either on the center or the edge of the wood, depending on where the water collects. To avoid this problem, always check your wood for the right moisture content prior to installation. Also avoid spills and plumbing running under your wood flooring.

Buckling occurs when your wood panels start to pull away from the subfloor, leaving you with a panel that pops out. There are different causes of buckled floors, one of which is too much moisture. Other causes include insufficient nails and improper construction of your subfloor.

Fading or Discoloration
This is common in homes that have a lot of  outdoor lighting that filters in. If you have windows that allow the natural light to come in all day and directly hit your hardwood floors, then expect fading of your wood color or discoloration. It is best to install window treatments if you want to avoid this problem.

Scratches and Dents
These kinds of problems often occur due to improper maintenance. Scratches can be caused by friction from  high heel shoes, dragging furniture around, and sharp pet claws. To prevent these issues, maintain your floors regularly and avoid having them in contact with scratchy surfaces.

Problems with your hardwood flooring are often due to too much moisture, improper installation, and sharp objects.   To minimize these problems, properly maintain your hardwood floors and double up protection using a good floor finish (contact Superior Hardwood to find the best finish for your hardwood floor). This eco-friendly solution offers a reliable yet safe protection option for floors.


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Redecorating Your Home Office Using Reclaimed Wood

Redecorating Your Home Office Using Reclaimed Wood

A home office should be presentable and elegant at all times. There may be instances when you have unexpected visitors, and you want to be able to impress them regardless of how little time you have to prepare.  An organized home office can be a lovely sight to behold, but adding architectural and decorating details will make it that much more beautiful.

If you have plans to redecorate your home office, why not incorporate something natural and elegant? Having a modern office may be striking and different, but adding some touches of more traditional and old world charm can make it a more comfortable and cozy environment.

To achieve a stylish and natural look in your home office, use reclaimed lumber. Reclaimed wood has a rich history that can serve as a great conversation piece in your office. Your guests will likely find themselves fascinated by your beautiful reclaimed floors or sophisticated wood table. Adding wood beams to the ceiling will create an even more distinctive look.

Reclaimed wood is unique and beautiful because of its natural marks. The nail holes and flaws in your wood  add more design to your floor or wall than a plain piece of new lumber could ever provide. You can also choose from a variety of wood tones and exotic species.

So how do you use a reclaimed lumber for your home office? There are actually many different ways.  For one, you could use reclaimed wood to decorate your ceiling with wood beams.  You may also choose to use them as unique display shelves.  Reclaimed wood is guaranteed durable, so even if you display something heavy on your shelf, it will easily be able to withstand the weight.

Reclaimed wood is a wonderful option for your table top as well. A sturdy wood table can offer inspiring beauty in the midst of a hard day’s work.  Lastly, reclaimed floors alone will easily transform the entire look of your home office.

For a good supply and variety of reclaimed lumber, try Superior Hardwoods. It offers a great selection of reclaimed wood that will allow you to find the perfect fit for your design. Both light tone woods and dark tone woods are available, as well as different wood species and grains.

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