What to Consider When Choosing Decking Materials

Decks are lovely additions to any home. When you have a deck, you have a place where you can relax on hot days and enjoy the view. Decks also add value to your home, which is a major advantage if you plan to sell your home in the near future.

If you plan to build a deck, consider the materials that you will need to use. Decking materials need to be high quality to assure that they will offer long-lasting functionality. Plus, decking materials can also make or break the overall beauty of your deck.

Below are some tips on how to choose the best materials for your deck:

  • Choose decking materials that complement your backyard and your home’s exterior style and structure. Your deck can add to your home’s curb appeal if it blends well with your entire property. Explore different wood tones and designs until you find something that matches well.
  • Calculate the measurements of your future deck, so you will know how much material to buy. This will also allow you to estimate your total cost and make adjustments if needed to suit your budget.
  • Select decking materials that can withstand your home’s climate for the entire year. If you experience extreme weather conditions like snow and heavy rains, choose a denser and more durable wood species. If your climate is more moderate, there is more flexibility and variety of options. Ask your local wood suppliers for recommendations on the best type of wood to use in your area.
  • Consider the kind of maintenance that your decking materials will require. There are some types of wood that require constant staining and sealing, while other types are fine with only occasional sealing. Choose a material that will suit your desired lifestyle and willingness to do maintenance.
  • Go for the best type of material. Functionality is a major consideration, as is the overall cost of your decking materials, but consider the appearance of your wooden deck as well. If you choose natural hardwood for your deck, you can be assured of a great quality deck with a beautiful and more natural appearance.

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