Redecorating Your Home Office Using Reclaimed Wood

A home office should be presentable and elegant at all times. There may be instances when you have unexpected visitors, and you want to be able to impress them regardless of how little time you have to prepare.  An organized home office can be a lovely sight to behold, but adding architectural and decorating details will make it that much more beautiful.

If you have plans to redecorate your home office, why not incorporate something natural and elegant? Having a modern office may be striking and different, but adding some touches of more traditional and old world charm can make it a more comfortable and cozy environment.

To achieve a stylish and natural look in your home office, use reclaimed lumber. Reclaimed wood has a rich history that can serve as a great conversation piece in your office. Your guests will likely find themselves fascinated by your beautiful reclaimed floors or sophisticated wood table. Adding wood beams to the ceiling will create an even more distinctive look.

Reclaimed wood is unique and beautiful because of its natural marks. The nail holes and flaws in your wood  add more design to your floor or wall than a plain piece of new lumber could ever provide. You can also choose from a variety of wood tones and exotic species.

So how do you use a reclaimed lumber for your home office? There are actually many different ways.  For one, you could use reclaimed wood to decorate your ceiling with wood beams.  You may also choose to use them as unique display shelves.  Reclaimed wood is guaranteed durable, so even if you display something heavy on your shelf, it will easily be able to withstand the weight.

Reclaimed wood is a wonderful option for your table top as well. A sturdy wood table can offer inspiring beauty in the midst of a hard day’s work.  Lastly, reclaimed floors alone will easily transform the entire look of your home office.

For a good supply and variety of reclaimed lumber, try Superior Hardwoods. It offers a great selection of reclaimed wood that will allow you to find the perfect fit for your design. Both light tone woods and dark tone woods are available, as well as different wood species and grains.

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