Understanding Different Hardwood Floor Problems

As much as we love our hardwood floors, there inevitably develop changes and flaws over time. Sometimes we see some changes in the wood color. Other times, scratches and dents emerge.

Hardwood floor problems are common, but most of them can be prevented with proper maintenance and installation. If you install your wood flooring properly and prepare thoroughly prior to installation, these issues will be minimal.

To help you avoid certain wood flooring problems, here are a few common issues to consider:

Cupping and Crowning
These are common problems with hardwood floors that basically distort the shape of the wood. Cupping is when the center of the wood sinks down, while the edges go up, producing a cup-like appearance. Crowning, on the other hand, creates a protrusion at the center of the wood, while the edges lower, thus creating  a crown-like appearance.

The cause of both cupping and crowning is due to moisture imbalance in the wood floor. Too much moisture leads to a protrusion either on the center or the edge of the wood, depending on where the water collects. To avoid this problem, always check your wood for the right moisture content prior to installation. Also avoid spills and plumbing running under your wood flooring.

Buckling occurs when your wood panels start to pull away from the subfloor, leaving you with a panel that pops out. There are different causes of buckled floors, one of which is too much moisture. Other causes include insufficient nails and improper construction of your subfloor.

Fading or Discoloration
This is common in homes that have a lot of  outdoor lighting that filters in. If you have windows that allow the natural light to come in all day and directly hit your hardwood floors, then expect fading of your wood color or discoloration. It is best to install window treatments if you want to avoid this problem.

Scratches and Dents
These kinds of problems often occur due to improper maintenance. Scratches can be caused by friction from  high heel shoes, dragging furniture around, and sharp pet claws. To prevent these issues, maintain your floors regularly and avoid having them in contact with scratchy surfaces.

Problems with your hardwood flooring are often due to too much moisture, improper installation, and sharp objects.   To minimize these problems, properly maintain your hardwood floors and double up protection using a good floor finish (contact Superior Hardwood to find the best finish for your hardwood floor). This eco-friendly solution offers a reliable yet safe protection option for floors.


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