How to Avoid Pet Scratches on Your Wood Flooring

Your dogs and cats are a part of your family, and of course, you love to have them around.  When you have wood floors too, however, they can sometimes cause problems by scratching the floors or causing stains. In order to continue to maintain the look of your floors without getting irritated with your dogs and cats, it is best to double up on protection on your wood floors.

How do you do that?

First of all, trim down your pet’s nails. That is the main source of scratching, and if you cut their nails, you will significantly reduce the amount of scratching on your floor.

Second, keep your wood floors clean and free of debris. If your wood floors are covered in dirt and dust and your dog happens to walk by, then it will pick up the debris on its paws and unintentionally drag it across your floors, causing them to scratch. Keeping your floors clean will prevent that from happening.s

Third, put a small rug under your pet’s bed and food bowl. The rug will serve as an added source of protection between your pet and your floor, and reduce the chances of damage if water or food  spill.

Fourth, re-coat your wood floors every few years. Re-coating your floors will increase protection against scratches and spills, which will, in turn, lengthen their life.

Some Reclaimed wood can look new but may have a nail hole every once in a while. So this wouldn’t help in scratching. Textured floors like a circular sawn floor will hide scratches well. The more dings you put in it actually add a little character to it.

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