Protecting Your Wood Flooring When Moving into a New Home

Now that you have found a new home with beautiful wood floors, it’s time to think about how you can maintain their beauty. Moving day can be very hectic with lots of boxes being pushed around and people walking everywhere, and if your new floor is not well-protected, it will likely get damaged during the process.

Protecting your new wood flooring can be easy if you have the right tools to use. The important thing is to provide a barrier between your hardwood flooring and external forces like sun, water, boxes, and shoes, so the luster of your floor is maintained. Once floors are damaged, they are expensive to repair.

So, how do you keep your wood flooring protected on moving day?

First, you should apply a good floor finish. A great example is Bona-Kemi (available from Superior Hardwoods), an eco-friendly finish and wood cleaner. Apply a coat of finish on your floor, so it will be protected from any spills and scratches that may occur.

Keep in mind that you need to apply your finish a few days before your big move. This will give you extra time to apply and allow the extra coating to dry. In addition, it will also prevent you from having last-minute stress.

A very important step is curing your floors! The curing process takes approximately 7 days, (70% cured after 1 day, 90% after 3 days). Do not replace area rugs until the floor has fully cured. The floor may be walked on after 24 hours, but remains susceptible to scuffing or marring until completely cured. Furniture may be placed onto floor after 72 hours (90% cured). Do not drag or slide furniture. Use only a dry Bona Microfiber Mop or cloth for cleaning during the first week.

Next, place rugs and runners on your floor. Area rugs and runners act as a barrier between your shoes and floor and help prevent scratches on your floor caused by excessive foot traffic and pushing boxes. Also, put your boxes and other things over a rug or a table and not directly on your floor.

Remove your shoes if possible. Though you may not easily request this from your mover, you can reduce shoe-traffic on your new floor by removing your shoes. After you have set all of your things inside the house, remove your shoes before starting to unpack.

Lastly, clean your floor. After you have finished unpacking for the day, clean your floor to remove dusts. This will reduce accumulation of dust and dirt that may contribute to your floor’s damage in the future.

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