How to Use Reclaimed Wood for Flooring Renovation

If you plan to renovate your floors at home, you may want to consider using reclaimed wood. Using reclaimed wood for your floors has many advantages considering the sustainable features it incorporates. Aside from benefiting your home, it also benefits Mother Nature.

Reclaimed wood flooring basically means using recycled wood for your surface floor. By doing so, you can change your old floors into something more elegant, more durable, and more eco-friendly. In addition, reclaimed wood generally lasts a lot longer than new wood, so you can be assured of a long-lasting, durable beauty.

So, how do you use reclaimed wood in your flooring renovation?

First, learn about the different types of reclaimed wood and their individual features. The great thing about reclaimed wood is that it offers a variety of wood species and wood tones to choose from. You can also choose between hardwoods and softwoods. For reclaimed hardwoods, there are different species like reclaimed cherry, reclaimed walnut, and reclaimed poplar. For reclaimed softwoods, you can find reclaimed pine, reclaimed redwood, and reclaimed cypress.

After choosing the type of wood you want for your floor, identify the type of wood trend you want. There are several types of trends you can use on your floors, depending mostly on the kind of interior you have. You can choose custom stains, which will create a stain to perfectly match your home interior. Distressing your wood flooring looks great with a rustic home interior.  Or, if you want to achieve a more causal, country home feel, whitewashing is a nice option as well.

Next, investigate where you can find good quality reclaimed wood for your floor. Superior Hardwoods offers a variety of high-quality reclaimed wood options for different uses. Many wood species are available to provide you with better options for what to use, and the staff are happy to assist you in finding the perfect reclaimed wood for your project.

Lastly, know the type of finish to use on your floor renovation. Just as with wood trends, the type of finish you use also depends on the kind of interior you have. Wood stains add protection to your floor to prevent damage caused by too much sun, water, and dirt. In addition, wood stains bring out the natural beauty of your floor.

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