Wood Flooring Trends

When it comes to wood flooring, the stain color and wood specie you choose are not the only considerations in installing a lovely wood floor. Homeowners should also consider design trends if they want to achieve a current look.

Here are a few wood flooring trends you may want to consider before installing new floors:

  • Distressed wood flooring – Older homes look for distressed woods given their rich history and unique personality. Distressed woods are those that show signs of usage, but that look appealing rather than old and worn. Many homeowners choose distressed wood for living rooms and other large areas, where its rich history and unique personality will be visible. To achieve the look of distressed wood, reclaimed wood flooring is ideal because of its natural markings. Reclaimed woods offer distinctive marks, which add to the overall beauty of the wood.
  • Wide-width wood planks – If you are looking for something rare, try using wide-width wood planks. Many wood planks these days are on the thin side, normally ranging from 2 to 3 inches in width. Wide-width wood planks offer a different kind of style that is not easy to replicate in most homes given the rarity of the wood. Wider planks are usually found in more mature trees or reclaimed wood.
  • Whitewash – Using a whitewash flooring design adds a more translucent finish to your floor instead of the usual effects of staining. Whitewashing is a glazing process that is ideal for more casual homes and can create a very cozy, comfortable atmosphere.
  • Handscrape floors – Just as the name implies, handscrape woods are those that are scraped by hand. The scraping of the wood creates a smoother finish on the wood and adds a more intricate design. Most handscrape woods are found on reclaimed woods that have had a turbulent past. They offer a more distinctive look with an added touch of talent and history.

Superior Hardwoods offers a wide variety of reclaimed wood options for your floors. If you are searching for stocks of salvaged wood that offers different designs, the staff will be happy to show you additional options. Reclaimed woods are assured to be high-quality, authentic, unique, and beautiful.

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