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Using Reclaimed Wood for Your Garden Shed

Using Reclaimed Wood for Your Garden Shed

Spring is here, and it is the perfect time to tend to your garden. What you need now is a functional shed to store all of your garden tools.

Garden sheds are very reliable because they provide storage and extra space for organizing your garden tools and lawn equipment. Many homes have sheds in order to store their fertilizer, garden tools, hose, wheelbarrows, rakes, and packs of seeds instead of letting them lie around or be scattered around the house. They can also be used as extra storage for other things, such as out of season clothing.

For most people, adding a shed can be expensive and time-consuming. But, with the right tools and the right shed plan, building a shed can be easy, fast, and less expensive than you would expect. You may also choose to beautify your shed in order to complement your lovely home instead of simply using it as a storage space.

If you are planning to build a shed, the best material to use is wood. Wooden sheds are perfect for your gardens because they blend well with your landscape.  In addition, wood is durable, which is ideal for the outdoors. It also has a natural insulation that keeps moisture out and protects your garden tools, fertilizer and seeds from collecting moisture. You may also enhance your shed’s protection using a reliable water proofer such as Seal Once.

Seal Once Water Proofer works well in adding extra protection to your wood against harmful external elements, so your shed can last for many years. Most importantly, Seal Once Water Proofer is 0 VOC, which means that it is healthy for the environment and helps keep the air clean.

Another important factor to consider is the type of wood to use for your shed. Many garden sheds are made of reclaimed lumber because it is guaranteed to be functional, versatile, and unique. Reclaimed wood offers a number of excellent benefits with the primary ones being that it offers an eco-friendly solution, a durable material, and unique character that will certainly be unmatched by any neighbors.

For high-quality reclaimed lumber, explore the options found at Superior Hardwoods of Montana. It offers a number of wood species, from hardwoods to softwoods, as well as exotic types, so you can find the material that best suits your style and needs.

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Adding Reclaimed Beams to Your Home

Adding Reclaimed Beams to Your Home

Many homeowners find exposed ceiling beams to be an elegant addition to their home. This is especially true in homes where the structure or the design incorporate an aged or antique style. Exposed wood beams serve more than a simple function of adding support to your ceiling – they also add beauty to your home.

If you want exposed wood beams at home, what better way to go about doing it than using reclaimed wood? Reclaimed beams are very popular due to their reliable functionality and unique beauty.  Basically, reclaimed beams are made of recycled wood.  Because reclaimed wood has stood the test of time and has gone through the aging process through natural expanding and contracting, it can withstand easy wear and tear and is, in fact, very durable. If you use reclaimed wood, your beams will last much longer than if they were made from new wood.  In addition, reclaimed wood beams contain a distinctive beauty due to their unique wood tones and distressed markings. Each mark is unique and has a rich history, so your wood beams will certainly be one-of-a-kind.

When choosing the perfect wood beams to use, make sure you know what type of wood specie and wood tone will best match your entire interior. There are many options to choose from, with beams ranging from hardwood lumber like cherry, maple, or walnut to softwoods like cypress, pine, or redwood.

Superior Hardwoods of Montana offers a wide variety of authentic reclaimed wood that is beautifully suited for exposed ceiling beams, and there are many different options to choose from, so you can find what best fits your style.

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Using Reclaimed Wood to Build a Timber Frame House


Many people enjoy living in timber frame houses due to their natural look and feel. Homes that are made of wood provide a unique beauty that is not easily replicated by other materials like concrete or stone. When planning to build a timber frame house, however, it is important to consider the other features of the wood materials as well and not just their beauty.  Today, many homeowners and builders use reclaimed wood for their timber frame houses because it offers more than the basic functionality of other, newer woods.

So, why use reclaimed wood for your timber frame house? First, reclaimed wood is guaranteed to be durable. For many years, reclaimed wood has stood the test of time and has therefore become weathered and sturdy enough to withstand many more. If the reclaimed wood originally came from older trees versus newer ones, that’s even better because that means they went through proper aging, expanding, and contracting, which would further increase the level of durability.


Second, reclaimed wood has a distinctive personality that creates an unmatched uniqueness to your home. The distress marks and wood tones of reclaimed wood are difficult to replicate, so you can be assured that your timber frame house will be unique and have a rare character that other houses do not.

Lastly, reclaimed wood is eco-friendly. For homeowners who advocate green building, reclaimed wood is the best option to use. Reclaimed wood reduces the amount of used wood that is discarded, which would otherwise clog rivers and landfills, and it also decreases the need to cut down new trees in the forest because you are reusing existing materials.

For superior quality reclaimed wood, check out Superior Hardwood of Montana. It offers excellent-quality, authentic reclaimed lumber that you can use for timber frame houses and other things. There are different wood species and tones to choose from that guarantee functionality, beauty, and durability.

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Adding Beauty to Your Home with Reclaimed Wood Paneling

Adding Beauty to Your Home with Reclaimed Wood Paneling

Home renovations are sometimes difficult because you have to think about what to change and what to keep the same within your house. There is also the issue of additional expenses and establishing a budget.  Still, everything is worth it once you find yourself within a beautifully transformed home.

Reclaimed wood paneling offers a lot of advantages when it comes to home renovations. Aside from providing a unique look to your home interior, reclaimed wood is also eco-friendly, functional, and, above all, long-lasting.

To help you enhance at the beauty of your home interior using reclaimed wood paneling, here are a few tips you can follow:

  • Add a new finish. Applying a new finish can easily change the look of your old wall panels. There are different kinds of stains to choose from, so be sure to consider the color and texture of each one carefully. Aside from the aesthetic outcome of a wood stain, it is also has other positive features. Rubio Monocoat Zero VOC Finish is an eco-friendly finish solution that offers superior protection while helping to clean your interior air.
  • Retain the look of your wood. A major advantage of using reclaimed wood is its irreplaceable beauty. Due to its distressed marks, each reclaimed wood panel gives a sense of character and history to the place in which it is located, making it more elegant to look at.
  • Fill in the grooves. Wood paneling includes grooves to add accents to the walls. However, not all homeowners want this kind of style. To create a flatter wood paneling, you could fill in the grooves with caulk, then stain your wood. However, it would be easier to pick a different kind of wood if flat paneling is what you are after.

For a good supply of reclaimed wood paneling, search at Superior Hardwoods of Montana. It offers top-of-the-line reclaimed wood that is ideal for different uses at home and in the office.

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Using Reclaimed Wood for Your Kitchen Furniture

Using Reclaimed Wood for Your Kitchen Furniture

You always want your kitchen to look its best at all times, and one way to do that is to enhance the place with beautiful furniture, such as your kitchen cabinets, kitchen island, wood shelves, and table.

A common material used in most kitchen furniture is hardwood. But, for a better solution, try using reclaimed lumber. Basically, reclaimed wood offers more benefits than newer wood due to its sustainable features, unique beauty, and rich history. With reclaimed wood, you can be assured that what you put in your kitchen will always be the best.

There are several ways you can use reclaimed wood in your kitchen. The most common is the kitchen cabinets. Our kitchen cabinets oftentimes make or break the look of our kitchen. If our cabinets are becoming outdated and worn out, the place can feel old quickly. Updating your kitchen cabinets with reclaimed lumber not only spruces the room up, but it also requires very little effort.

Second is the kitchen island. Like our kitchen cabinets, the kitchen island also adds beauty to the place. In fact, islands are the center of the kitchen, so it must always look beautiful to make the place look appealing Using reclaimed wood for your island counter as well as on the doors of each side cabinet will transform your old island into something more elegant.

Enhance your wall shelving with reclaimed wood panels. Even if you simply use each panel for added storage, you may be surprised by how lovely each panel will appear. Add decorative plates, and you have a small pedestal to show off.

And, don’t forget what’s above your kitchen. Make the room feel free and breathable with natural elements of authentic wood surrounding you while you prepare delicious meals for the family. Add wood beams to your ceiling for extra décor.

Lastly, use reclaimed wood to add more lovely details to your kitchen. A wine rack made of reclaimed lumber, for example, would surely be a point of conversation. With reclaimed wood, there are so many things you can do to spruce up your kitchen.

Superior Hardwoods of Montana offers high-quality reclaimed lumber that you can use for many areas of your home. If you are looking for a specific wood tone or specie, there is a wide variety of options to choose from. You can be assured that each piece of lumber is authentic, durable, and aesthetically-appealing to fit your needs.

For added appeal and protection, use BonaKemi hardwood finish. When hardwood is protected against damaging factors like dust accumulation, too much exposure to the sun, and high moisture, is becomes more beautiful and long-lasting. BonaKemi finish also guarantees an eco-friendly solution that complements the sustainable feature of your reclaimed wood.

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Knowing More About Wood Cabinets

Knowing More About Wood Cabinets

There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to cabinetry. The first consideration is to determine which material you want to use.  Although there are many options available for kitchen and living room cabinets, the best kind of material to use is hardwood. Using cabinet grade plywood will provide you with a more durable material that fits your cabinetry needs.

Next, consider the construction of your cabinet. One option is  stock cabinets, which you can find  in big hardware stores.  A  major advantage of stock cabinets is their low price.  However, the materials used are not solid wood, which means you don’t receive the guarantee of good quality and longevity. The other option is custom-made cabinets, where you actually have a professional come in and customize your home cabinetry based on your specifications. The downside, of course, is that they can be very expensive.

For other homeowners, there is a third option: building their own home cabinets.  By building your cabinets yourself, you receive the benefits of both low cost and customization. In other words, there is  no added cost of labor from a professional, but you still get to enjoy the benefits of using solid wood at your own specification.

If you decide to build your own cabinets, the first thing to remember is to choose the right kind of wood.  Reclaimed wood, which is reusable salvaged wood, is a not very common for cabinets, but is an option for your cabinets. Keep in mind that your cabinets will be going through a lot of use so be sure to pick a durable wood that will age well.

Superior Hardwood of Montana offers different types of reclaimed wood that can be used for cabinet making. You can choose from common ones like Oak, Maple, and Mahogany or exotic ones like Ebony, Teak, and Cedar.

It is also important to take note on how to properly maintain your cabinets to make them last longer. Since wood is prone to easy damage caused by water, dust accumulation, and too much exposure to the sun, a proper finish is required after constructing your cabinet.

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Planning Your Deck

Planning Your Deck

Outdoor decks add beauty to our home exterior while providing a good venue to enjoy the outdoors at the comforts of our home. Many homeowners desire deck  extensions to their houses so they can have a plate to unwind with friends, have cookouts, or simply relax with a good view.

If you want to build your own outdoor deck, the essential first step is to plan well. Proper decking requires a good foundation, so you can be assured that the outcome is pleasing to the eye, safe, functional, and convenient.

When you plan for your deck, first consider the location, so you can measure the area, assess whether or not the ground is stable enough, and determine the materials needed. Most homes have decks as extensions from their backdoor or on the side of the house. When looking for the perfect location, make sure that the space is large enough and has a good view.

Next, measure the area of your potential location to determine the materials needed. There are many options for decking materials. One of the most popular is Ipe Wood, which is harder than other kinds of wood. Ipe wood is also low maintenance and can withstand the outdoor elements for many years. Another is Tiger Deck, which is fire retardant. Though it is not as hard as Ipe Wood, it is very stable and can last for years.

Superior Hardwoods of Montana offers a large variety of wood materials that you can use for your deck. Many different kinds of wood are available, such as Bangkirai Wood, Ipe Wood, and Tiger Deck. These materials are guaranteed authentic, low maintenance, durable, and perfect for your decking needs.

After that, plan what design you want for your deck. There are many design options for decks. Just make sure that your desired style fits within the confines of your limited space. It is important that your building plan conforms to your community building codes.

Lastly, plan for the type of finish you want for your deck. Applying wood finish will help protect your deck from easy wear and tear. Wood finishes act as layers of protection on your wood against dirt, too much sunlight, and rain. These are all external forces that can easily damage your deck.

For wood finishes, try Rubio Monocoat Zero VOC. Because it contains no VOCs (also known as volatile organic compounds), you can be assured that it is safe for the environment and your health.

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