Planning Your Deck

Outdoor decks add beauty to our home exterior while providing a good venue to enjoy the outdoors at the comforts of our home. Many homeowners desire deck  extensions to their houses so they can have a plate to unwind with friends, have cookouts, or simply relax with a good view.

If you want to build your own outdoor deck, the essential first step is to plan well. Proper decking requires a good foundation, so you can be assured that the outcome is pleasing to the eye, safe, functional, and convenient.

When you plan for your deck, first consider the location, so you can measure the area, assess whether or not the ground is stable enough, and determine the materials needed. Most homes have decks as extensions from their backdoor or on the side of the house. When looking for the perfect location, make sure that the space is large enough and has a good view.

Next, measure the area of your potential location to determine the materials needed. There are many options for decking materials. One of the most popular is Ipe Wood, which is harder than other kinds of wood. Ipe wood is also low maintenance and can withstand the outdoor elements for many years. Another is Tiger Deck, which is fire retardant. Though it is not as hard as Ipe Wood, it is very stable and can last for years.

Superior Hardwoods of Montana offers a large variety of wood materials that you can use for your deck. Many different kinds of wood are available, such as Bangkirai Wood, Ipe Wood, and Tiger Deck. These materials are guaranteed authentic, low maintenance, durable, and perfect for your decking needs.

After that, plan what design you want for your deck. There are many design options for decks. Just make sure that your desired style fits within the confines of your limited space. It is important that your building plan conforms to your community building codes.

Lastly, plan for the type of finish you want for your deck. Applying wood finish will help protect your deck from easy wear and tear. Wood finishes act as layers of protection on your wood against dirt, too much sunlight, and rain. These are all external forces that can easily damage your deck.

For wood finishes, try Rubio Monocoat Zero VOC. Because it contains no VOCs (also known as volatile organic compounds), you can be assured that it is safe for the environment and your health.

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