Using Reclaimed Wood for Your Kitchen Furniture

You always want your kitchen to look its best at all times, and one way to do that is to enhance the place with beautiful furniture, such as your kitchen cabinets, kitchen island, wood shelves, and table.

A common material used in most kitchen furniture is hardwood. But, for a better solution, try using reclaimed lumber. Basically, reclaimed wood offers more benefits than newer wood due to its sustainable features, unique beauty, and rich history. With reclaimed wood, you can be assured that what you put in your kitchen will always be the best.

There are several ways you can use reclaimed wood in your kitchen. The most common is the kitchen cabinets. Our kitchen cabinets oftentimes make or break the look of our kitchen. If our cabinets are becoming outdated and worn out, the place can feel old quickly. Updating your kitchen cabinets with reclaimed lumber not only spruces the room up, but it also requires very little effort.

Second is the kitchen island. Like our kitchen cabinets, the kitchen island also adds beauty to the place. In fact, islands are the center of the kitchen, so it must always look beautiful to make the place look appealing Using reclaimed wood for your island counter as well as on the doors of each side cabinet will transform your old island into something more elegant.

Enhance your wall shelving with reclaimed wood panels. Even if you simply use each panel for added storage, you may be surprised by how lovely each panel will appear. Add decorative plates, and you have a small pedestal to show off.

And, don’t forget what’s above your kitchen. Make the room feel free and breathable with natural elements of authentic wood surrounding you while you prepare delicious meals for the family. Add wood beams to your ceiling for extra décor.

Lastly, use reclaimed wood to add more lovely details to your kitchen. A wine rack made of reclaimed lumber, for example, would surely be a point of conversation. With reclaimed wood, there are so many things you can do to spruce up your kitchen.

Superior Hardwoods of Montana offers high-quality reclaimed lumber that you can use for many areas of your home. If you are looking for a specific wood tone or specie, there is a wide variety of options to choose from. You can be assured that each piece of lumber is authentic, durable, and aesthetically-appealing to fit your needs.

For added appeal and protection, use BonaKemi hardwood finish. When hardwood is protected against damaging factors like dust accumulation, too much exposure to the sun, and high moisture, is becomes more beautiful and long-lasting. BonaKemi finish also guarantees an eco-friendly solution that complements the sustainable feature of your reclaimed wood.

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