Many people enjoy living in timber frame houses due to their natural look and feel. Homes that are made of wood provide a unique beauty that is not easily replicated by other materials like concrete or stone. When planning to build a timber frame house, however, it is important to consider the other features of the wood materials as well and not just their beauty.  Today, many homeowners and builders use reclaimed wood for their timber frame houses because it offers more than the basic functionality of other, newer woods.

So, why use reclaimed wood for your timber frame house? First, reclaimed wood is guaranteed to be durable. For many years, reclaimed wood has stood the test of time and has therefore become weathered and sturdy enough to withstand many more. If the reclaimed wood originally came from older trees versus newer ones, that’s even better because that means they went through proper aging, expanding, and contracting, which would further increase the level of durability.


Second, reclaimed wood has a distinctive personality that creates an unmatched uniqueness to your home. The distress marks and wood tones of reclaimed wood are difficult to replicate, so you can be assured that your timber frame house will be unique and have a rare character that other houses do not.

Lastly, reclaimed wood is eco-friendly. For homeowners who advocate green building, reclaimed wood is the best option to use. Reclaimed wood reduces the amount of used wood that is discarded, which would otherwise clog rivers and landfills, and it also decreases the need to cut down new trees in the forest because you are reusing existing materials.

For superior quality reclaimed wood, check out Superior Hardwood of Montana. It offers excellent-quality, authentic reclaimed lumber that you can use for timber frame houses and other things. There are different wood species and tones to choose from that guarantee functionality, beauty, and durability.

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