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A lovely deck can add beauty and glamor to any home. You may have limited space at home, but when you add a deck, you immediately increase your living area and create a place where you can invite a few friends over and relax for a few hours!

There are a lot of options and considerations when you begin building a deck.  It is common to see decks raised a few feet above the ground with stairs and railings. But, there are ways you can create something more distinctive.

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There are basically three different types of decks that you can choose from. One is the platform deck that sits on the ground and is attached to the house. Platform decks are popular in houses that are not elevated because if the house isn’t elevated, there’s no reason for the deck to be either.  The second type of deck is a freestanding deck, which is detached from the main house. This is ideal for larger properties and is great if you want your deck to be within a garden area. There are also multi-level decks that incorporate different levels of decking and functionality. Some people prefer multi-level decks, especially if their homes are also several stories high.

When you plan for the design of your deck, think about what type of deck you want. Consider your home location, the available space in your lot, and your needs.

For added style to your deck, you will need to find a more stylish wood material to use. Reclaimed wood is a popular material to use when it comes to elegant decks. Reclaimed wood,  or recycled wood, incorporates unique features such as distressed marks that add to the overall beauty of your deck. For homeowners who want to make their decks more distinct, reclaimed wood is perfect to use.

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If you are looking for a good supplier of reclaimed wood, check out Superior Hardwoods of Montana. Their wide range of reclaimed lumber is available in several wood styles, tones, and species, so you can find exactly what you are looking for.

Also, while you plan your deck design, consider adding more protection to it with a reliable waterproofer. Seal Once water proofer is an excellent product to use for any kind of wood, and when you apply it, your deck will enjoy double protection from sun exposure and rain.

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