Functional and Comfortable Decks

We love to enjoy the outdoors, but sometimes the conditions make it difficult to do so.  The perfect solution is to create a functional deck that lets you admire the beauty of nature while still enjoying the comforts and ease of furniture and accessories.

A deck is basically an extension of your house. Deck designs these days incorporate a similar theme to your indoor design, so everything flows nicely and easily. For instance, on a beautiful day, you may have the desire to enjoy a peaceful dinner outside, yet your home is not well-suited to outside dining unless you constantly go inside for everything. With a functional deck, you can reduce the need for going in and out because what you need will either already be out there.

How do you make your deck more functional and comfortable?

First, make sure that your deck is conducive to multi-function. This means that you can incorporate different activities and necessities into one durable deck. One way to do this is to build a deck with reliable materials. Using reclaimed lumber is a great solution for combining functionality and beauty.

Reclaimed wood offers a unique beauty that adds to the overall look of your deck. You can create a durable deck with less effort when your wood is better.  Reclaimed wood has already stood the test of time, so you can be certain that your deck will be reliable against extensive use and external forces like moisture and exposure to the sun.

If you want high-quality reclaimed wood, visit Superior Hardwoods of Montana. It offers many different kinds of reclaimed lumber, so you can choose the wood that best fits your deck.

Add extra protection to your deck using Bona-Kemi Green Guard finish. This type of finish can double up as extra protection for your deck, so it will last longer.

Now that you have a reliable deck, add functional furniture such as wood benches, tables, and comfy chairs. Add comfy chairs to make sure everyone is settled in nicely and throw in some pillows for each chair and rugs on the floor.

Build a small outdoor kitchen. It does not have to be complete with appliances as long as it includes an area for food preparation and a grilling area. If it’s possible, add a sink, so you can easily wash your food.

Add storage areas for your cleaning materials, kitchen utensils, and off-season furniture cushions and accessories. That way, you don’t have to constantly come inside just to get paper towels or worry about your furniture withstanding extreme weather.

Lastly, add a fire pit. You and your family can camp out anytime and enjoy delicious s’mores regardless of how chilly it may be outside.

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