Taking Good Care of Your Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Reclaimed wood furniture adds beauty to any home. A lovely reclaimed wood coffee table is a great area to entertain unexpected guests. A dining table made of reclaimed lumber can be the perfect centerpiece, even in an otherwise plain dining room. And, cabinets made of reclaimed wood offers more visual interest to any kitchen.

While there are many benefits to enjoying reclaimed wood furniture, it is important to remember that proper maintenance is essential to keeping it looking beautiful for years to come.

Below are some helpful tips on how to take care of your reclaimed wood furniture:

  • Always choose an authentic reclaimed lumber. There are suppliers that may not always guarantee authentic reclaimed wood, and this can prevent you from enjoying the full benefits of using reclaimed lumber. When choosing reclaimed wood for your furniture, always choose from a reliable supplier. Superior Hardwoods of Montana offers authentic and high-quality reclaimed lumber that is well-suited for home furnishings. Reclaimed wood is guaranteed real and can last for many years because it has already stood the test of time. Reclaimed wood comes in different tones and species to suit your specific needs.
  • Keep your furniture moisture-free. High levels of moisture can easily damage your wood and create discoloration or warping. A common cause of moisture is spills from water, juice, or milk. If you spot a fresh spill, immediately wipe your furniture clean so it does not retain the moisture.  Also, apply a good water-proofer to keep it well protected, such as the Seal Once water proofer.
  • Clean your furniture regularly and keep it dust-free. Accumulation of dust can lead to easy damage to your reclaimed wood. Have a regular cleaning schedule for your wood furniture, so dust and dirt accumulation does not become a problem.
  • Keep your furniture away from direct sun exposure. Aside from high levels of moisture, another cause of damage to wood furniture is too much sun exposure. If possible, position your furniture away from direct sunlight. If your furniture must be placed near the window, consider a window treatment that will protect your furniture from direct exposure.

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