Decorating with Reclaimed Wood Siding

You may have come to know the beauty of using reclaimed wood by seeing expert designers and friends using the materials. Reclaimed wood is widely used by a lot of people due to its unique appearance, wonderful character, and reliable features. Using reclaimed wood both inside your home and out can easily transform areas from something plain to something more elegant.

Reclaimed wood siding is one of the common types of reclaimed wood used by home decorators. Because of its variety of uses, many people love to experiment with different ways of incorporating it into their various home improvements.

If you want to use reclaimed wood siding for your home decorating, here are a few ideas you can follow:

  • Frames – Not having much luck in the plastic frame department? Try using reclaimed wood siding for picture frames or frames for your mirror. It can make even a plain mirror look more attractive, and it will enhance your family pictures with an exquisite added touch.
  • Display Shelves – It is easier to add more shelves at home if you have the right materials to use. Reclaimed wood is not just a lovely addition to your wall, but also a reliable shelf for your knick-knacks.
  • Accent Pieces – If you enjoy doing creative woodworking like making magazine racks or coat hangers, use reclaimed wood. There is not much you have to add if you already have a beautiful material to use. Create different furniture and home accessories and create a more refreshing and elegant home.
  • Mantel – A wooden mantel on your fireplace will create the perfect focal point, even in a simple living room.
  • Flowerbeds – If you love to have plants and flowers at home, add more style to their containers and planting areas with reclaimed wood. Build wooden borders around your flowerbeds or create boxes that you can use to display flowers in your window.

You can find good quality reclaimed wood siding at Superior Hardwoods of Montana. Different kinds of reclaimed wood are offered with a variety of tones and species to choose from. Plus, they offer certified authentic and reliable reclaimed wood that will last for many years to come.

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