Best Tips for Applying Wood Finishes

We all know that wood finishes are essential to making your wood look more beautiful and richer in color. Aside from the aesthetic benefits, finishes also help to double the protection of the wood against external damaging forces, such as UV rays, high moisture, and dust accumulation.

However, it is important to know that the outcome of your wood finish depends on how it is applied, the kind of finish you use, and the tools you use when doing the work. It makes the difference between a functional finish and a truly beautiful one.

Here are some tips that can help you achieve the best look when applying a finish to your wood floors, decking, and furniture:

  • Make sure you use a high quality microfiber T-bar applicator or roller for applying your finish. You do not want to use a brush as application will typically not be uniform.
  • Let your first coat dry completely before applying the next coat. This will help you achieve a much better result because, if you don’t wait for your initial stain to dry, it will cause your wood coating to easily peel off or your color to bleed and become uneven.
  • Thoroughly clean the surface before starting your stain work. Your furniture, deck, or floor is inevitably always collecting dust and dirt. Not cleaning it properly prior to application will leave you with a less smooth finish because the dust and dirt underneath will make it feel grainy.
  • Finish all exposed areas of the wood. Do not forget to stain less visible areas, such as the inside of your cabinet, unexposed corners, or the bottom side of a table. These exposed areas are also prone to damage and, therefore, must also be well-protected.
  • Use high quality wood finishes. Having a smooth and perfect finish all boils down to the right kind of product to use. An ideal wood finish is Bona, a waterborne finish that is low in VOCs. With its eco-friendly features, you can stain and beautify your wood without the added guilt. Plus, it is easy to use because it dries faster than other finishes, so it does not require you to leave your home when applying.

Check out Bona and other wood finish options at Superior Hardwoods of Montana. They have been a distributor of Bona since the 1990s and have continually served their loyal clientele for many years. With Bona, your wood will look new for years to come.

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