Using Recovered Water Beams for Your Home

One of the beauties of reclaimed lumber is its sustainable features. Instead of creating damage to the environment by cutting down new trees, reclaimed wood is repurposed, so it utilizes existing lumber and prevents waste from being dumped into landfills and rivers.

Water recovery beams are a specific type of reclaimed wood that offer solid features that make them perfect for any home project. Since they originally came from stronger trees instead of new woods, water recovery beams can provide a solid foundation to your home construction. Most water recovery beams can be utilized for log homes, flooring, decks, or walls. You can even use them for ceiling beams or interior décor.

Water recovery beams are sturdy due to their longtime exposure to external factors like high temperatures and moisture.  Through weathering, they become incredibly strong, so you can be assured of their  long lasting reliability.

Another excellent feature of water recovery beams is their rich history. Wouldn’t it be great to know the story behind the wood materials in your home? Many homeowners value water recovery beams as conversation pieces within their homes when guests visit. Their unique appearance piques people’s curiosity, and they can’t resist asking you about them.

Of course, the unique beauty of water recovery beams is an attractive feature. Their distressed marks make them interesting, and you can find nail homes, saw marks, and other dents that make each beam distinctive from the rest.  If you are a homeowner who likes having unusual things in your home, water recovery beams most certainly fit the bill.

Superior Hardwoods of Montana offers a great selection of water recovery beams that you can use for your next home renovation or construction project. Their stock comes from the St. Lawrence Sea Way, and each water recovery beam is guaranteed durable and reliable for many years to come.

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