Learn More About Bangkirai Wood for DeckingAdding a deck can bring luxury and convenience now that summer months are here. Because of the hotter days, decks can offer a relaxing refuge, while still allowing you to enjoy the outdoors and your weekends at home.  When you have a deck, you can unwind with cool drinks, read a book while lounging, or spend intimate time with friends and family.

When planning a deck, a primary consideration is your decking materials. Stability and durability are major factors when choosing your material.  Bangkirai wood is a perfect example of a high resistant and strong decking material, and it is one of the most common exotic woods used for decking.

When it comes to appearance, Bangkirai wood is smooth and lovely, which makes it easier to maintain. The color of the wood varies from yellow brown to dark olive brown. Since its surface is resistant to scratches and marring, it maintains a smoother appearance longer. It is also 100% clear, all heart wood, with no knots or sapwood.

For decking material, you need something with a high resistance to external damaging forces that can resist easy abrasion and wear and tear. Bangkirai wood has a decay resistance that can last more than 25 years. This means you can enjoy the same deck throughout your children’s growing up years and even with grandchildren.

Bangkirai wood is also resistant to insect and fungal attacks. You can stop worrying if your wooden deck is prone to termites or other insect infestations. This type wood is also resistant to marine borer.

Lastly, you will love how low maintenance Bangkirai wood is. There is no need to spend all your time and effort in maintaining your deck.

If you are considering using Bangkirai wood for your deck, visit Superior Hardwoods of Montana. Bangkirai woods are guaranteed authentic and sustainable with sizes available in 1×4 inches and 1×6 inches.

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